What material are the bibs made out of?

100% cotton!  Some prints are upcycled which makes them Limited Edition only.  All bibs are reversible with a print on one side, and terry cloth on the other.   The fabrics have been prewashed and preshrunk for easy washing and drying for you.  Most of the ribbons on the toddler bibs are cotton as well; if not cotton, they are natural fibers or polyester.

What material are the napkins made out of?

100% cotton like the bibs! Some prints are custom printed, meaning they will only be available by preorder only.

Will these products be "perfect" even though they are handmade?

As these products are made by hand, there may be slight imperfections. In the preparatory stages, some fabric may wash a certain way in that it will pull the print unexpectedly, causing the item to pull a little funny upon being sewn. I have seen this issue resolve upon second or third washings. Additionally, in using upcycled fabrics, some bibs shapes might not be exactly symmetrical depending on the cut and material used. 

Will the product shipped to me look exactly like the photo in the listing?

Most likely! Occasionally I've needed to use a slightly different color of thread or snaps, and sometimes the product shipped out looks much better than the photo seen online!

Are returns accepted?

Yes!  I accept returns for up to 14 days after you receive the product.  A full refund will be given to you once I receive the product.

Additionally, if your order has not already been shipped, I will cancel it, per request, within 48 hours of placement. 

How long will it take for my product to be shipped?

Please allow for up to two weeks of processing time, and up to three weeks for cloth napkins. 

How will my product be shipped?

All items are shipped via USPS, and can take anywhere from 1-6 days to arrive.  Once shipped, both you and I will have the same information from USPS, however, if you have any shipping questions, please email me at and include your order number. 

Do you ship internationally?

Not at this time, but hopefully coming soon!

Can I stack promo codes?

Yes...kind of. You can redeem both a free shipping code AND one other coupon which can be an "any order over" or "this price or percentage off."


What is the story behind the title of your site?

For starters, Lemke is my last name.  Secondly, my husband's family is Canadian, and in the very beautiful part of Canada that some of his relatives are from, there are various adorable and cozy lodges hidden here and there.  Drawing from that inspiration, and wanting something with a warm, homey feel, 'The Lemke Lodge' came to be.  I also grew up reading many classics, and my favorite authoresses (L.M. Montgomery and Louisa May Alcott) both refer to the various homes in their books by name, so giving a home a name is something I have always wanted once "grown up."

Do you and your husband really have the same name? Does it get confusing?

Yes, we do indeed. Only his is the masculine form (Alexander) and mine is the feminine form (Alexandra).  We both go by Alex unless a family member who chooses to use the full version.  And no, we are not planning on naming any of our children Alex (at this point).