A little dusting off...




Good morning and happy Friday evening!

I figured an update on our lives would be great at this point. I have so many posts I am working on, either in Notes on my phone, or as a draft here on the site. 

As you've noticed, the blog as a new home. It might be weird to say I am "in love" with Squarespace, so let's just say that I "greatly esteem it" (what book is that from again?!) because it is so easy. I am currently in a stage of life that is not really interested in learning how to do my own thing with technology, so a system that let's me plug in whatever the heck I want to has been AWESOME! Widgets and HTML and all of that I had attempted to use on Blogger and Wordpress is great for some people, but not this girl. I wanted everything to be in one place, with access to customer support (aka not having to sift through Internet forums and posts, but just get in contact with a Squarespace representative), and a place to run my shop from. 

Anyways, Tom is awesome as usual. He no longer uses the high chair as it just felt dumb to fight with him when we knew he could sit at a table and eat just as well with minimal mess. It's so entertaining to watch him, as I might have mentioned before, but even more so now that he is two. The stories he comes up with while playing are hysterical, and mostly dramas and tragedies with trains falling off cliffs and cars crashing or crying. He can sit for hours just playing solo, or looking at books. I really hope that he loves to read his whole life! Or at least pay attention to details because of what he notices in the pictures of his books. 

Alexander is doing quite well. He is ranked number eight in his class, putting him in the top 10%! I am SO proud of him, all of his hard work and studying. This semester seems like a breeze because he is only in class for six hours a week tops. He's really looking forward to starting his clerkship, but as the Bar comes before that, he's dreading that, as am I. He's been really taking charge of his health more and more lately and it's so inspiring to me, though I am at the point where I am just gaining weight and forcing myself to eat other food instead of indulging in pregnancy and baby cravings. 

I am doing well, I hope that's obvious! Just so excited for the baby to come! But not super excited for the move, but I am excited for living in WI once we move. March will be busy for us as we will be in and out of Oklahoma for a couple of reasons. We will be in town for Holy Week though; the last two years I was at my parents' during that time, so it will be nice to participate in the solemnness of the week with Alexander. I am always brainstorming and thinking of new projects or little things to add to the shop; I have a running list of ideas which may or may not see completion. 

I have also been meeting (over Facebook and Instagram!) a lot of wonderful people who live in Madison. I honestly wished I had known how helpful social media would be before I moved to Tulsa, but even then there was no Catholic women's FB group set up for Tulsa. Then life happened, and I honestly feel like I tried really hard to find community, but didn't find the right one or it wasn't the right timing, though the few friends I have made are quite wonderful. I am really hoping to find community up in Madison, not only for me but for Tom and for our family. My Well Read Mom group here in Tulsa is awesome, and I will miss them dearly. I have already found my Well Read Mom group that I can join in August or September and I am stoked about it, I hope it is as great as the one I found here. ;) 

Anyways, I am going to close this now. I hope your Lent will be blessed and fruitful too. I have a Lenten post or two I hope to write within the next week or so, we'll see. But now that I've had a "catch up" post, I feel like I can properly resume writing again. 

Pax Christi,