Christmas 2017 Gift Guide


This photo was taken last year as I was filling out Christmas cards, Tom grinning upon the scene of the Nativity. Haha!

Dearest readers,

This holiday season I am so pleased to give you my Christmas gift guide.  It has been so much fun putting this together, and the owners of each of the small businesses I am about to highlight are so wonderful.  Almost all of them were able to provide a discount code out of the kindness of their own hearts, and for that I am grateful!  And for those of you who were not able to at this time because of your big discounts coming this weekend, thank you for giving people on a budget the opportunity to purchase your products at a discounted price!  I would not have been able to put this guide together if I had not used or owned their products, so know that I can genuinely recommend each and everything below!

May your Thanksgiving week and weekend be filled with so much joy, and may your families be at peace.  If you end up shopping, may you score wonderful deals.  ;)

xoxo, Alex


ShopChews Life

Maker: Shannon Wendt

Products: Chewable silicone Rosaries for children, as well as decade Rosaries and necklaces.  Semiprecious gemstone Rosary bracelets and jewelry for mothers.

What I own: We had a Chews Life Rosary for Tom which he loved!  However, it got left in the church pew on morning after Mass, and we have not seen it since.  We probably should have had it blessed, but I now how it is blessing others.

Discount code: LEMKE10 for 10% off through tomorrow, 11/22.


Shop: Carrot Top Paper Shop

Maker: Jenny Williams

Products: Literary heroine prints and portraits, bookmarks, quotes, and mugs!

What I own: If this baby is a girl, the wall above her crib will be decked with Jenny's prints!  I have portraits of Anne, Hermione, and Jo March, with some quotes as well.  They are just darling, and as 5x7s, are easily hung on a string with little clothespins!

Discount code: So here's the deal.  I've got the insiders' scoop that Jenny's email list will receive a larger discount than what she will be offering publicly this weekend, even better than the discount she was originally going to give me.  Here is the signup for her emails, and you also get a free 5x7 print!


Shop: Sweet Little Ones Printables Shop

Maker: Jessica Marie

Products: Printables of quotes and illustrations, as well as a fabulous Magnificat tee!

What I own: Jessica sends out a free printable for you during your birthday month if you sign up for her email list.  I chose this adorable mushroom print, and am hoping to buy more of her kitchen prints!

Discount code: CHRISTMAS20 for 20% off all wall art printables and bundles (excluding customizations and some custom bundles); code is good through December 25th, 2017.


Shop: Rose Harrington Art

Maker: Katrina Harrington

Products: The original botanical Rosary art, as well as hand lettering and home goods.

What I own: I own many of her beautiful hand lettered quotes, as well as her mugs.  I constantly receive compliments on her artwork as they are up on my gallery wall.  I particularly love that she has found some lesser known (to me at least!) quotes from the saints.

Discount code: THELEMKELODGE for 15% off all paper good purchases over $20 until December 15th, 2017.


Shop: Just A Drop Diffuser Jewelry

Maker: Allie Eager

Products: Beautiful handmade diffuser necklaces and bracelets.

What I own: Allie is one of my dear friends, and I purchased a necklace right when she opened her little shop!  I have not worn it yet, as I am saving it for my own stocking for Christmas.  Haha!!!  But it is very well made, and she puts her heart and soul into making these!

Discount code: She has set prices at a discount for my readers in the order form; however, I do know that she will also have a discount on Black Friday as well!


Shop: Telos Art

Maker: Jessica Connelly

Products: Modern liturgical calendars, jewelry, and original art.

What I own: I helped Jessica proofread and edit the text of her latest liturgical calendar, and let me tell you.  It is stunning.  Easy to use, color coding, gorgeous art from various artists.  This calendar is very well thought out, you will not be able to say you missed something!

Discount code: LEM15 for 15% off any order over $9.


Shop: K.Larson Art

Maker: Katie Larson

Products: Original watercolor and mixed media art, and hand painted ornaments!  She also has DIY Jesse Tree ornaments available at this time.

What I own: My favorite thing about Katie's shop is that most of her pieces are original works of art, so what you get is exactly what left her hand.  I own a few of her leaf pieces, and they are just so lovely when gracing the wall.

Discount code: The link above already has the discount code applied to it, but here is the code again just in case.  FRIENDSOFTHELODGE good for 20% off orders of $20 or more, and valid until December 24th, 2017.


Shop: Brick House in the City 

Maker: Lauren Winter

Products: Comfortable Catholic apparel and home goods.

What I own: I own and love her FIAT tee. It is so comfortable, and I especially love the Joanna Gaines feel to it.

Discount code: LEMKELODGE for 10% of.


Shop: Three Jolly Owls

Maker: Katie McGinley

Products: Handcrafted goods and gifts for the liturgical year.  She has a Jesse Tree kit in her shop right now, as well as a Mass kit!

What I own: Tom's only saint peg dolls thus far were made and hand painted by Katie, and a year later, they are still in (mostly ;) ) good condition.  She customized St. Thomas Aquinas for us, and her attention to detail is just wonderful.

Discount code: LEMKELODGE for 10% off orders of $25 or more.


Shop: Banner Toys

Maker: Jessie and Stacey

Products: Wooden blocks and toys crafted in the USA.

What I own: Thomas received the alphabet block set last year from my parents, and he loves them.  They are so quality, smell and look wonderful in their various shades of wood.

Discount code: Unable to offer a discount code at this time, they recommend keeping an eye out this weekend for a steep discount!


Shop: Paper Wine Industries

Maker: Seth Goepel

Products: Original folk art, ornaments, and printable coloring pages.

What I own: I gave Alexander a original piece by Seth of Christ.  It is currently on our mantle, but usually sits in his office.  The movement and life in Seth's work gets me every time!

Discount code: FOLKART for 10% off through December 15th, 2017.


Shop: Delphina Rose Art

Maker: Rebecca Gorzynska

Products: Catholic prints and original art.  Gorgeous, detailed coloring pages here on her Facebook group.

What I own: I came across her Facebook group (via another group haha!) and fell 100% in love with her coloring pages.  Coloring a saint is so much more calming than anything else because it can be combined with prayer!

Discount code: LEMKE10 for 10% off everything except original art through December 15th, 2017.


Shop: Pink Salt Riot

Maker: Jill Simons

Products: Hand lettered home goods, hand made jewelry, and prints (and free printables  if you sign up with her site!)

What I own: Jill and I have become such good friends recently!  Before this friendship, I modeled some jewelry for her and received a gorgeous necklace.  I also own her Cardinal virtue succulent coasters (so mod and so Catholic!) and have used many of her printables on my walls.  She is a girl on fire for the Lord and His people!

Discount code: LEMKELODGE for free shipping.


Shop: Barefoot Abbey

Maker: Genie Shaw

Products: 'Awaiting the Messiah' musical Advent calendar at this time.

What I own: Okay I have so much to say about this Advent calendar, but the first and most important thing is, please buy it.  Genie has put so much time, effort, thought and research into this, and it is phenomenal.  It is an Advent calendar set up with a part of Handel's Messiah for each day, and it is one you can use year after year.  You can print as you go, use on your tablet, or print it all at once.

Discount code: The link above includes a 10% discount.