15 Minutes: Halloween, All Saints' Day, All Souls' Day


Hello hello hello! 

I've got a few moments of downtime, hopefully a full fifteen minutes worth, so I wanted to come and share a couple of thoughts on Halloween/All Hallows Eve, All Saints Day, and All Souls Day.  Why I love these three holy days.

All three parts of the Church come together: the Church Triumphant, the Church Militant, and the Church Suffering.  The first is the Church in Heaven, meaning the saints and angels and all those souls who have "made it" past St Peter. The second is the Church still living here on Earth, struggling to live good Catholic lives so that we may join the ranks of the Church Triumphant after death. The third is the Church in Purgatory, all the poor and holy souls who are still being refined in hopes of joining the Church Triumphant as well. 

If you celebrate All Hallows' Eve and All Saints' Day as we do, the living dress up as the dead or those alive through only in the books and the arts on the first night, and on the second, dress up as the souls we consider to be always alive and with us in spirit, meaning the saints and holy persons. 

All Souls' Day allows for us to remember, honor, and pray for all those who have gone before us.  The difference between Saints' day and Souls' day is that on the former, we rejoice in the souls in Heaven ask for their intercessions, and on the latter, we remember and pray for the souls in Purgatory as many of them have no one praying for them.  We are reminded of death and of hope. 

These three days remind us that we all will die.  Death comes to us all, but there is hope in life after death. There IS a heavenly home for our souls once the soul and body are separated through death. Isn't that comforting? It is also a scary thought, as every choice we make in our lives gets us closer to one everlasting place or another, so every choice counts and matters in the end. Our choice to turn away from certain things can also redeem us instead of condemn us which is why we were given Free Will, the chance to choose what is truly good.  Our own immortal resting place is determined by how we choose to exercise our free will. Whoa.  My fifteen minutes are up, but I might have another little post on these three days coming again soon. Have a blessed day! Xoxo, alex