7QT: most recently

YO yo yo.

If you were paying attention, so sorry I fell off the face of the earth.  Between my last post and now, numerous things of both good and bad natures presented themselves before us.  We (with and without my husband) were out of town for almost a month.  Harv the Hurricane hit South Texas and my family's city.  My sister and her baby are high risk, and my dear, close cousin's sweet boy is in the hospital for a tumor.  My brother, his fiancee, and her family, as well as other relatives and friends of ours are needing to evacuate Florida because of Hurricane Irma. Lots of other weird shiz is happening here and there, and now I have found myself writing again.

Actually I've already written a few things, but you just have to wait and see them...hopefully published on other blogs.  If not published there, I'll share here eventually, so for now, enjoy this list of randoms, in other words, I am linking up with Kelly at This Ain't the Lyceum for another round of 7 Quick Takes.

UNO: reading

Over the past couple of months or so, I have been reading the 'Anne of Green Gables' series by L.M. Montgomery.  So so so every good adjective.  Witnessing Anne's growth and movement from an abandoned child to a loved one, a talkative teenager to a [still teenaged] teacher, and then from college student to an influential teacher and women who single handedly transforms a town, now I am observing as she delves into married life in 'Anne's House of Dreams'.  I've always adored Anne, and had only read a couple books of this series.  Honestly, the 1985 version of the movies are so great, but it's so much fun reading about all the details and what actually happened!  I wish Mr Harrison was in them, as well as Aunt Lavender, but you can't win them all.

side note: as much as I love Anne, I think I love Emily in the Emily books more.  GASP AND UPROAR.   However, there will be more gasping and uproaring from me if I find that you've never read ANY books authored by Montgomery.  Do yourself one million favors by listening to or reading one PRON.TO. please and thank you.

DOS: technology

Just because technology can do some good things does not mean that it is willing to work into your favor.  Ever.  UGH.  My iPhone does many and great wonderful things for me, but lately it decided that I am not worth it.

[take a hike, you big loser]

It all started when it was damp with dew one morning after leaving our windows open over night during our trip.  I left it in rice for almost twenty four hours, but still it was weird.  It has become unresponsive to my touch, though I can still use Siri to make calls if I take the time to deal with her.  I am currently restoring it to see if that helps, otherwise it's into the Apple Store we go.

My laptop was also giving me trouble too, deciding that I had not conquered the virtue of extreme patience.  I finally updated it, and realized that there were some odd apps floating around which promptly got trashed.  After the update, it was a bit glitchy, but now it's running alright.  Who knows how much longer Azalea has, I got her in 2010.

TRES: community

After watching my family's community come together to support each other and their friends and family through the aftermath of Harvey, I decided that I needed to be more proactive in my community here.  I have known that for a long while, so I started a Facebook group which has brought together Catholic mothers from around the diocese.  We have had two potluck brunches, and I hope to plan a mom's night next.

Anyways, I decided last minute to invite a few families for Labor Day, especially since Alexander has much less do to because it is the beginning of the semester and such.  He made his amazing smoked chicken, and I made a couple of sides.  Desserts and other sides were so lovingly brought by our guests, and we just sat around talking and laughing as the little kids played with toys in the living room.  After the last family left, Alex thanked me for inviting them.

As a young person, wife, and mom, I am realizing more and more how important community is, especially finding those who are like-minded, as you can support and encourage each other in that way particularly.  This is especially important if you do not live by family members.  Community is not just for school and college aged people, but for everyone of every age.

CUATRO: crunchy

For some, I am crunchy.  For some, I am not crunchy.

This discussion came up in a moms' group, and I decided to determine what I am, though I am thinking I am a moderate in the non-political sense.  I am hoping to do a fun post on this in the future, so I will just share a bit of my lifestyle below.

I use soap-nuts for washing my laundry, and all the clothes smell wonderful and fresh, and the colors are more vibrant.  But I use bleach on occasion too when some towel is just way too grody.

I know that changing one's diet, as well as doing some detoxing, can help lessen allergies to pets, pollen, and other foods.  I have done that before in the past with much relief.  However, sometimes I will take a Claritin to enjoy my day outdoors because avoiding one will mean that I just sneeze, blow my nose, and rub my eyes the whole darn day.

We only use cloth napkins in lieu of paper ones, and rags and washcloths instead of paper towels.  It's freeing because that means it's one less thing to purchase.  However, if we have guests over, or if my dad is coming in town (HAHA Mom, I hope Dad sees this), we'll pull out the paper products...or my dad will just got and purchase them.

I am slowly switching over to more natural makeup, though I do not know if I can ever give up my Double Decker by Butter mascara.  I make my own lotions and moisturizers, though I still paint my nails.

All in all, I believe in reducing, reusing, recycling, and restoring.  I believe in doing research on all ingredients, not just what we put into our mouths.  At least know what you are putting into and onto your body as well as the short term and long term effects.  whether or not you eliminate certain things from your life.

CINCO: folk

I used to be obsessed with music, then I got married and had a baby and I kind of fell off took a dive off the music train.  Lately, I have been making an effort to put it on just to keep something on in the background in order to occupy that part of my brain that overthinks.

Now that our weather is cooler, this station is perfect.  I usually use Apple Music, unless I am on my husband's phone, find the folk genre, and press "start station."  Folk has been perfection, mostly.  Totally a calm jam, with some fun stuff.  Both older songs and newer ones.  I'm super excited about it, because I miss knowing what's in in the music world.  But for now, I'll just stick to this genre as the lyrics are usually clean, and real instruments are used.

I also think that there is a lot more artistry and creativity happening in the process of making the music.  Lyrically, I've noticed that there's a certain depth to many folk songs that most genres do not come close to.  There is either a knowledge of literature, referencing Shakespeare and Plato's cave analogy are two that come to mind, but also a knowledge of the soul and an observance of reality.

SEIS: color

Now that every store has pulled out everything of autumn nature, I went over to Target to purchase a couple of small pieces of fall decor, as I have nothing to ring in the season.  Unfortunately, I am not a huge fan of most shades of orange, but I did find one pumpkin in the shade I do like.  Fortunately, the other new "it" color for fall is a sort of blue green of various shades, so I now have some fall items in my home that do not scream HALLOWEEN IS COMING.

[okay, I know that is not what orange means, but some of the orangey stuff I saw felt very October 31st]

I was talking with my friend Jill, discussing what colors we do not wear.  Red, it turns out, is the one we tend to avoid the most, and royal blue was the runner-up.  I do not know why I have always avoided wearing red, though many have told me it looks good on me.  I have always avoided the color pink, but many because I was rebelling against the idea that girls LOVED AND WORE ONLY PINK AND SPARKLES AND RAINBOWS.  Okay, again, too extreme, but I always chose blue.  If my mom was very mainstream and raised me in 2017, she probably would have let me change my name to a boy's name....oh wait, my shortened full name IS a boy's name.

Anyways, maybe I have avoided red because it is close to pink, and because I associate it with (and only wear it around) Christmastime.  So that's my thing on color.

SIETE: cocktails

If you have stuck around this long, cheers to you.  And speaking of cheers, my latest favorite cocktail is anything mixed with sparkling wine or water.  We do not usually keep alcohol in the house just as a thing we do because is costs money because we want to be healthy.  But there is a wine bar five minutes away that specializes in amazing cocktails mixed with sparkling wines and such.  I go there alone occasionally when I want to write, and when it is too late in the evening to drink coffee, so I have tried a few of their drinks.  De.lish.

One night this past summer, Alexander made me a drink with champagne, muddled strawberries and mint, and fresh lemon juice.  o.m.g.  Served over ice in a large mason jar, and I tried to drink it slowly for its freshness and sparkly-ness was fantastic.

A couple summers ago, my friend Abby had us over for popsicles and champagne.  Once there, she turned the popsicles upside down in our glasses, and they fizzed, and the champagne became fruity flavored.  It was so fun, and so delicious!

Before the summer heat leaves you, be sure to have one last summery and fizzy wine drink to say farewell to the summer of 2017.


Please pray for Molly and Teddy.

Please pray for Leo and his family.

Please pray for my family and friends in the Houston area as they recover from Harvey.

Please pray for my family and friends in south Florida as they prepare for Hurricane Irma.

xoxo, alex