7 Quick Takes - recipes, personalities, and NFP

Hey hey hey happy Fri-YAY!

This week has brought us many things and thoughts to ponder as we sit in the air conditioning to wait out the 100F days.

one: homemade {ritz} crackers

Not the prettiest little things, but delicious regardless (ignore the messy jam jar which I didn't feel like cropping out).
Not the prettiest little things, but delicious regardless (ignore the messy jam jar which I didn't feel like cropping out).

I have been meaning to make an extra grocery run to buy some crackers, as Tom and I love hummus and cheese with veggies, toasts, or crackers.  However, I decided to make my own because using the oven at 400F on a 100F day is a good idea I'm a pro and will only ever make things from scratch because that means it healthy.

I used this recipe from Stef at Cupcake Project.  These suckers were so so easy to make, and the dough was so STRANGE because of how much baking powder and fat it contained!  You don't need to flour the rolling surface either.

I did use sesame oil instead of vegetable oil like it calls for.  Because the dough is soft (or it was for me...), it was a bit hard to transfer them to the baking sheet without their circular shape becoming more oval.  I cooked them for a little longer than the time stated, but I need to cook everything longer in this oven.  They aren't quite the Ritz texture, but the flavor is pretty close, and that's what matters!

We ate (and are eating) them with peach jam, or egg salad!  I will be making hummus this afternoon to spread on them.

two: homemade chai lattes

Christmas-in-July mug filled with fall, no contradictions there.
Christmas-in-July mug filled with fall, no contradictions there.

Alexander used to be a barista, and over the weekend, we had gloom and doom weather.  Nothing below 80, but it looked like autumn usually looks, so I wanted chai.  With Tom being all full of the plague and poor sleep (more on that story below), I was plumb tuckered out and needed something with a bit of a jolt.  So hubbers graciously made me a chai latte.

I don't have tons and tons of photos to document this experience as I saw on the couch with plagued Tom and 'Anne of Windy Poplars'.  I steeped six chai bags in my teapot (that has a strainer!) for a while and it was the darkest of dark looking teas.  He filled up a mug halfway with the chai, added a few drops of vanilla extract, and around a tablespoon of honey.  He warmed up some milk, and filled the rest of the mug with it.  DE.LISH.

I steeped wayyyy too much chai, so I've been having chai lattes almost every morning this week.  My groove has been made groovier.

three: NFP awareness

This is a whole other rant I can go on and on about.
This is a whole other rant I can go on and on about.

Next week is NFP awareness week.  For those of you who do not know what this abbreviation stands for, it is Natural Family Planning.  NFP is used to educate women on how their fertility works, and to postpone or achieve pregnancy.  While using NFP methods in a marriage has it sacrifices and struggles, being educated on how your fertility works is SO empowering.  There are various methods out there, and each really teaches you the beauty of the body, and in particular the female body.

Haley (from Carrots for Michaelmas) and Christy (from Fountains of Home) talked with Jenny (from Mama Needs Coffee) on their podcast, Fountains of Carrots recently.  The podcast featured their discussion about NFP and how we can and need to spread more awareness about this, even at a grassroots level of being open about the reality of it with others.

Kelly (with whom I am linking up for this 7QT) also had a great post about NFP and genetic disorders.  She didn't give any yes or no answers that some may be looking for, but she gave the best answer: prudence.

[mini rant]: I literally do NOT understand why people think it is okay to put kids through sex ed, but still fail to teach young girls that their female organs and hormones do more than gush blood once a month.  I do not understand why doctors and healthcare providers shove the Pill on every women who has a fertility or hormonal issue.  The systems of our bodies do NOT function independently of each other.  Each system needs the other to be working properly, it's important to look at the body as a whole, holistically!  Oy. Vey. Ugh.

four: Catholic fundamentalism

This post on the ten traits of Catholic fundamentalism is from last year, but it's a good one.  Fr Longenecker says what many of us have been saying: many Catholics have gone way too far to the extreme that they seem to hate much of the Church itself, in turn, appearing as Catholic fundamentalists.

"Why take time to analyze these ten principles? Because what we see in the extreme religious behaviors of fundamentalists is not limited to Protestants or Catholics. It is actually the sick form of any religion. There are fundamentalist Muslims, fundamentalist Hindus, fundamentalist Jews, fundamentalist Mormons.

You name it. This is the form of religion that is a kind of anti-religion."

five: hand, foot, and mouth disease

He learned how to wear his baby while playing with his race cars.
He learned how to wear his baby while playing with his race cars.

Tom got HMF last week, and we are pretty sure it was from one of the public splash pads we went to during the week before. So gross. He loveees to drink water, so he kept sticking his face over every water spout and no amount of distraction would, well, distract him.

He had a fever the first 30 hours or so, but nothing near as bad as the virus that he got in January. The spots showed up, and in order to keep them contained, we dressed the poor guy in long sleeves, pants, and socks, keeping our AC set lower than usual. Once his fever went away, he went wild. It was so funny, but sad too as we didn't let him go outside because of the heat.

But! I deep cleaned the house faster than I ever have, and did so. much. laundry until his spot started shrinking and drying up. It lasted no more than four days, and a phone consult with his doctor declared him no longer contagious and that was that!

six: what you should stop doing based on your Myers-Briggs type

never and i mean NEVER did a meme describe my husband so perfectly.

This post on Thought Catalog had me rolling in laughter, and mainly because Alexander's is on. freaking. point. He is an ENTJ, and I'm an INFJ. I really didn't understand what "my" description meant until I saw someone explain it...I'll just let you deduce what it means. Haha!

seven: I'm a collector

My dear friend Katie loves to figure out people's personality types and strengths, and when she was in recently, we were discussing a favorite book of hers, 'StrengthsFinder 2.0.' From our conversation, it was easy to say that I'm an empathizer as well as a collector.

I was laughing, as was she, as we broke down how I figure out good ideas are in fact, good ideas. I gather all the info I can about a certain topic, and once I understand that something is good or bad, I discard all I've collected in the process. In the end, I know why something is either good or bad, though most times I forget why.

So pardon me if I don't remember the "why" and need to go back and find the information to support what I know.

I'm linking up with Kelly for Seven Quick Takes!

Have a wonderful weekend!

xoxo, Alex