15 Minutes: whose prayer does God intend to answer?

Good morning! Today's topic is prayer, but a particular aspect that has been on my mind.  When multiple people are praying for the outcome or different outcomes of the same thing, how does God decide who to answer?  I know my mom and my mother-in-law are both praying that we end up living near them (well I do know my mom is praying that my husband just gets a good job, but I still think she is praying that we end up near them).  In the end, the prayers of one might be answered, and the others will not be, God answering both prayers with a yes and a no.  Some days I feel as if I do not know much about the technicalities of prayer.  I know that it is a conversation between you and the Lord, and that it can be either verbal or mental in the way it happens, and it can be formal or informal.  But, who does God decide to answer?  Will He be set to have everything ready to go on one path, but then *ping* another but different prayer request comes up that prompt Him to change things up a bit?   I do know He loves us so much that He, like any parent, desires our happiness, and ultimately what is best for us.  That is why we have both times of trial and times of joy.  He gave us free will to choose everything in life, but ultimately to choose what will be the better course of action, not choosing between the good and the bad.  We are to use our free will with wisdom and knowledge, an educated and well informed decision if we can, and do the right thing.  I can let Tom exercise his free will to do and to choose a great number of things, but not if it is morally wrong or unsafe.  The same goes for us.   Maybe that is how He answers prayers.  Maybe He takes into account every action of ours, sometimes watch us go through more trials than joys because He sees their purpose in the end goal of things.  Maybe one mother's prayers will be answered with a yes and the other with a no, or maybe both with a no and prayers for a good job will be answered regardless.  If you have any thoughts here, please share.  I'll be thinking about this for a long time.