15 Minutes: the official exercise 

{edited to change a couple of words, mainly "challenge" to "exercise"} 

Okay okay okay.  Apparently I like to write at night, though I know I am much for efficient and clear if I write in the morning.  However, I have enough Earl Gray and chocolate chip cookies today that sleep might not come easily.

I was talking with a dear friend, Abby (who writes over at The Joy Catalog!), and she expressed interest in my fifteen minutes writing exercise for myself.  She asked if she could join in, and I was not feeling sassy enough to say no, so I said yes. ;)  Then the decision was made to make this into a "thing," and my official hashtag is #thelemkelodge15minutes which is simple and to the point.

So far, this exercise has prompted me daily to think more.  That does not mean that it has had any effect on the quality of my writing, but that I am thinking through things more, or wondering what a saint or wise person has to say on this or that subject.  This exercise, so far, is helping me to "be okay" with letting go of great expectations and ideals, and to just put myself and my thoughts out there, and just practice.  Fifteen minutes is more than enough time to say what you want to say.  If something is really sitting on your heart, or head, or just floating around up there somewhere, that is enough to push it out of you and into written form.

I am going to invite you to join us as she starts and I continue this writing practice.  If you end up keeping it private and written with pen, you may simply share a photo of your writing space!  It is so motivating to create an sort of unity amongst those aiming for the same thing (in this case, writing more), and hopefully using the hashtag will connect us all as I hope.



If you want to participate, but are not quite sure what you would like to share, here is a list of ideas!  Feel free to let me know what yours are.

favorite quick meal/recipe/drink

hilarious things your child(ren)/pets/coworkers have done {just don't get fired}

thoughts on the saints/feast days/devotions

book/movie/podcast reviews

who inspires you and why

a little interview/Q&A with a parent/spouse

what brings you joy

why you love where you're at in life, and what really stinks about it

the place that brings you the most happiness

fifteen things you are most grateful for

why you deserve a million dollars/what you would do with it