15 Minutes: reading 

Hullo....another late post. I fell asleep on the couch, and after waking back up I knew I had forgotten to do something, which was this little project. A subject near and dear to my heart is reading.  Not reading stuff online, or the newspaper or a magazine, but picking up a good old book (or an ebook or audiobook if that's what you like! I read via both those methods as well!).   I started reading when I was four years old, and didn't stop for years. Until I got my smart phone...then my voracious reading habits became casual and occasional.  So sad, and I knew that to be a sad thing.  I just couldn't get into anything, and for the past couple of years or so put too much pressure on myself to read deep and intellectual and very long books.  Then I realized I put too much pressure on myself to go above and beyond for so many things, that this year, I decided to reread the books that remind me of how much I loved to read.  It has been pure heaven!!!  It's actually quite nice reading around a wee child, because if my actions and all about me is quiet or calm, he tends to follow suit.  I often find him sitting in his book corner, just looking through each of his books with intense focus. He usually shifts positions fifty billion times, so it's not as if his body is still.  I am assuming he started doing this out of imitation of Alex because he reads allllll day long, and now it is a form of quiet entertainment.  We don't read a whole lot, and I really am trying to make more of an effort to read aloud more.  I will read aloud a book a day, but I think I can be reading to him more.  However, I have always been frustrated when children just don't sit calmly and listen.  But in what home is that a reality?! I DON'T KNOW.  So I shouldn't let that fear daunt me.   Many people struggle with books.  Many of those same people struggle with slow moments in life, with descriptions and a gradual build up. As a society, we want things now, we want them when we want them, and where and how we want them.  It is quite unfortunate that we fall into this pattern of thinking and approach.  It truly doesn't speed up anything with any sort of necessary natural process or easy way of going.  Some blame it on phones, some on the addiction to social media and the dopamine rush that comes with each like and comment and what have you.  Some just simply state that some generations never taught and were never taught that patience and waiting is a good thing.  Maybe that is why books are scary or daunting.  The best things take time, and are not to be rushed.  Yes, some descriptions can get to be too much unless you're Sherlock Holmes.  Sometimes we see so clearly that Emma and Knightley were perfect for each other from the beginning.  Or we want to shake Werner Pfennig and convince him to leave the Nazi army.  But what we want is not the point.  We are merely observing another's journey, be it a fictional character, or the life story of someone flesh and blood.  We are to observe and learn.  I speak mostly of fiction and novels here.  I tend to read that genre most, and am starting to appreciate books on our culture and society, as well as autobiographies.  Sometimes, when I am struggling to focus, a bit of Norah Jones or 'The Theory of Everything' soundtrack help occupy that part of my brain that refuses to obey, and I get back on track.  I've been needing to do this less as reading is getting easier now.   Reading is like anything.  The more you practice, the better you become.   Xoxo Alex  By the way, do you like what I'm writing so far? Enter your email below to receive these in your inbox!  Things have been getting "lost" on Instagram, so many people realize later they missed my posts!  Thank you!!!