Mary's Good Friday

I have a quick and quiet moment to write, so bear with me. 

As I sit here in my living room, my baby and husband sleeping in the bedroom, I struck me to meditate on the events of today, but through the heart of Mary.  Now that I have a son, I can relate to her on a whole other level; her sorrows in regards to her Son strike a cord with me even more so.  Some of these musings may seem futile, but she was a mother who Son was to die before she was even near any sort of death.   What was she thinking at 7:30am the morning of the day she knew her Son would die? As tradition has it, she had already been alerted at this point that He had been taken during the night. As a mother, sleep would have been the furthest from her mind from that point on. What sights and smells was she noticing?  Was every cry for His death overwhelming her senses?  Or was she focused on her prayers for strength for herself and for Him?   In Mel Gibson's movie, The Passion of the Christ, she goes to a random spot in the courtyard/temple area, and presses her ear to the stone floor as He is directly below it.  I have always wondered if they knew each other's thoughts before the other vocalized them.  Since my consecration to Mary years ago, I have noticed that the more I draw nearer to her, the more you just know, or have a strong intuition about others and things.  As He was borne of her body, fully divine and fully human, I suspect that this was true for the both of them.  I wonder if she felt His hunger, his swollen face from the beatings, his tired and weary heart.  Sometimes, in times of trial, it helps us cope by helping others.  I wonder if it was hard for her to comfort Mary Magdalene and Peter, or if she felt it ease her sorrowful heart.   Did she wish Joseph were with her, as her rock?  Did she feel his spirit with her?  Did she wish her parents Ann and Joachim were there so she could go running to them to be comforted and held?  "And Mary kept all these things, reflecting on them in her heart." Luke 2:19  What anguish she must have felt, as each hour drew to a close, nearing the hour of His death.  Had she known that He has said He would destroy "this Temple" and restore it in three days?  If she had, did she really understand its meaning?  Did she have hope that He would rise again in three days time?   Was she angry with God?  Was she angry with Pilate?  Had she expressed any such emotions and feelings, or pondered it in her heart? Why did Her child have to die?  What was the point of being His mother if she had raised Him for such a death?  Could not someone else have done it, couldn't Joseph and her parents been there physically by her side?  Why did Adam and Eve had to fall, for it to come to this point?  Why couldn't have God delivered her divine Son?   What can a mother do when death is imminent?   She did what any mother would do: she was there by His side, or as close as she could be, the entire time.  She comforted His closest friends, she waited, and she held him right after He drew His last breath. 

Here a beautiful post I found regarding Bouguereau and these two paintings:

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