My Favorite Baby Items, Part 1: big, maybe pricey

So, this should probably have been a Lenten post...but in my defense, I hit a big goal with doTERRA yesterday, so today was my day to blog.  With a toddling child, things take way longer.  Hence this post being finished up today, and not a few weeks ago.  This is a two part post...hopefully part two will be written quickly, and posted soon.  But for now, on to the "big and pricey" things.


Now that Tom is over a year old, I feel I can now give my opinion on baby stuff.  Especially the big stuff that we used exclusively.

We started off simply in terms of Tom stuff, and we've stayed that way for the most part.  The only thing he might actually have an excess of are books, but that is not a bad problem to have.  Planning his baby registry, I knew what I loved, liked, and hated, most of that based off of previous years of experience with babies and kids.  I am SO excited to share everything with you for, as y'all may remember, I am a list person.  So we'll start with the largest item: the crib.

Gulliver crib - IKEA


We have this crib in birch.  I did not do a lot of research on other cribs, just this one.

I am about 5'1", and I always hated tall cribs.  While babysitting, there were SO SO SOOO many times I had trouble putting a sleeping baby or child in his crib.  I usually woke the baby up again accidentally after nearing dropping him in the crib, and baby woke up even more so once I squatted and bounced across the room to pull something over to stand on.  I could never figure out how the confounded rails moved or adjusted.  [I apologize if your child was one of the ones who was almost dropped in the crib; your fault for hiring a short babysitter. ;) ]

my biggest fear

I found forums and posts and articles from about eight years past up to the present on how great this crib is.  It can be positioned at a higher or lower level, and eventually be turned into a toddler bed.  Standard crib mattress sizes work within it, and it looks like a cage.  Super simple, nothing ornate, but it can still fit the style of whatever room we choose!

The price is awesome, and the quality is awesome too.  I can put in him easily if he is dead asleep, and pick him up too without needing a stool.  Tom sometimes likes his sleeping space, but that doesn't really matter, as he sleeps well in it, but I can't really attribute that all to the crib.

Snap-N-Go - Baby Trend


THEY FINALLY UPDATED IT TO FIT BRITAX!  I only rejoice since that's what we had with Tom.  We jerry-rigged it to make it work with our Britax infant carrier (maybe it was just the line of carseat we had?), and it was just fine.  Now this is new and improved.

This guy is SUPER lightweight, and folds up nicely.  It may have been used for shopping while I wore Tom it's multipurpose.  Really easy to work with, and easy to clean.  The basket is super roomy too, very important for all of that newborn baby stuff we drag around!

My mom found it for us for $10 at a rummage sale, so you too can find it somewhere inexpensively.  I think it is $45-60 on Amazon.

Rock'N 2-IN-1 Bouncer - Baby Trend


We lived in a tiny apartment as I am sure you've gathered by now, and with limited space, I had no intention of purchasing any big gadgetry for baby.  This was the only piece of "fun" baby play furniture that we purchased and that was fine by us.

It folds up, so when it wasn't in use, we slid it behind the door or under the bed.  IT FOLDS UP!!!  Many bouncers don't have that option.  It can be rocked, or you can pull the stop down so it stays stable.

Many reviews complained that the music volume didn't adjust, and the vibrating seat only went to one setting when it should go to three.  We experienced that too, but I had no qualms about it.  It's not obnoxiously patterned and colored, looks modern, and folds up.  Everyone wants that in baby stuff.  I found it at Target for about $50, but so worth it.

Antilop Highchair from IKEA


After years of dealing with stupid highchairs with impossible locking mechanisms (prison chairs for babies, y'all), trays smashing my poor toes, too many crevices to clean, and stinky material, I told myself that I would make my life forever easy if I had this in my life.  My mom used this highchair for my youngest siblings, and it's just perfect.

It fits well in small spaces, and the legs and tray come off easily enough (just kidding, it took me forever how to get the tray OFF once I put it on), but it can be taken on trips (it likes the back seat so it can rest) and be stored in the deep recesses of your basement without taking up much room.

Cleaning is the best part: we tip it over the sink, or just stick the whole thing in the shower if it gets super grody.

You wanna know the best BEST part?!  IT'S ONLY TWENTY DOLLARS. $20.  Twenty pesos.  And for tiny babies they have this padding:


This padding is actually inflatable, and the striped exterior is canvas, so both easy to wash.

Baby K'Tan Original Cotton Wrap


I'm petite, so I was super overwhelmed by the idea of wraps because of all the material.  But I wanted to babywear since it just makes life easier and happier.  This is the only reason that I felt comfortable flying with Tom when he was tiny was because he was so snug against me, and no one could peek or poke at him.

This guy is basically two loops held together with a tiny one.  You crisscross the loops and slide baby in and so on.  You choose your size based on your T-shirt size, pretty simple.  It took some YouTube videos and different positions to figure it out, but we loved it.  Easy to wash, feels like a T-shirt, and perfect for nursing even when not wearing baby.

HOWEVER.  It's hot when it's hot outside.  Next time I am going to get the Active Carrier because it's made of moisture wicking material.

I would also like to try the Solly Baby Wraps too, but mainly because they look lighter, I like their colors, and my cousin Joanna highly recommends it.  Oh, and they're made in the good old U.S.A. too.

Four Position 360 Baby Carrier by Ergo Baby


AWE.SOME.  Four different positions, lots of ways to adjust the straps, super great and supportive.  An acquaintance sold her barely used Ergo to me for only $40, and I had been searching for a gently used one for forever, so THANK YOU!!!

Once Tom grew out of the K'Tan, this carrier saved our lives and days more times than you'll know.  Tom was teething when we went to the doTERRA convention in the fall, and with our busy schedule in a different time zone, he was super fussy.  I wore him in this almost the entire.time.every.where.  He fell asleep in it pretty often until recently, and we figured out how to nurse with him in it too, the cover is perfect for nursing in public.

It's pretty awesome, but now I'm realizing that maybe it's just because of how many bad days it saved.  I look forward to possibly trying out the infant insert with it.  BUT.  Some of the colors are just boring, meaning they're good neutrals, but not FUN like the Tulas or the Lilli Baby carriers.

When wearing Tom on my back, I don't think he gets enough neck and head support with the Ergo, so I hope to try a Tula to see if it gives better support like I have heard.  Plus, the Tula has toddler sizing, which I definitely need right now, since Tom is more than half my length.

Shopping Cart Hammock by Binxy Baby


A sweet friend from church gifted this to us; I had never seen anything like it before, and it's SO cool!!!  You can strap an infant carrier in, or strap baby in!  Totally gives the shopping cart more room, and I always kept it in the car to bring into the store with me in case I forgot a baby wearing item at home.

Tom LOVED seeing everyone while riding in it, it was pretty hilarious.  We didn't use it much at first because of cold and flu season, but as the weather got warmer, we used it often, then he grew in length, and it didn't work as well because he wasn't strong enough to sit up.

I was super impressed with all of the safety measures and tests done on it, so rest assured, it will serve you well.  I'm sure you can get two of these in the cart side by side for twins!  Just be sure you can get your groceries out from underneath.

Stay tuned for part two: little items.