Remedies for autumn ailments


'Tis the season to be sick.  Halloween candy, pumpkin flavored everything, apple cider, warm drinks.  Schools and daycares tend to be germ transfer centers.  In some parts of the country, fluctuating temperatures and seasonal allergies are a plague in and of themselves.

How can we keep our immune systems supported?  How can we keep the cold at home, and not spread it to others?  How can we shorten our recovery time?

When I worked at the wellness center in Houston where I was first introduced to doTERRA, the head chiropractor (my boss) would line everyone up for adjustments, administer Vitamin D3 pills, and she would make sure we were taking OnGuard beadlets.  There was something always being diffused throughout the office too.  The adjustments would ensure proper nerve function and proper blood circulation, and the D3 would give the immune system support.  The OnGuard is my favorite, as it's an immune booster, and it smells almost Christmas-y.

I'll be sharing some of remedies, of my own, of my family's, and some I've heard from others.  I am not a doctor, just someone who likes to stay home while sick, meaning I want to use what is in my cupboard instead dragging myself out of bed to head out for medicine [unless it's an adjustment].

Sore Throat Gargle

(also helps decrease the pain and swelling from lymph nodes in the neck)

2-4 drops  of each:

Peppermint essential oil (anti-inflammatory and pain relieving)

Lemon essential oil (detoxifying and disinfecting)

Lavender essential oil (soothing and relaxing)

Melaleuca (tea tree) essential oil (antifungal and decongesting)

Place on your tongue, take a swallow of water, then gargle and swallow a bit at a time.  You can just drop the oils in water, but since they're, lol, oils, they might stay on the glass or your lips instead of getting in your mouth.  For those I've shared this concoction with, as well as with myself, the sore throat usually goes away, or the pain is relieved a bit, within an hour or so.  But each person is different, and as with everything, use your own discretion.

This has also helped with the onset of colds!

My mom adds Frankincense, and sometimes, if I don't have one of these oils, I'll add the OnGuard blend.

"Antibiotics" that reek

Oregano (antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral) [either the essential oil, or oil of oregano dropper stuff]

Raw garlic

Olive oil

A chaser (milk, or juice)

Crush some raw garlic onto a spoon, add some drops of oregano, pour some olive oil on to cover, drop in mouth, and chase with either milk or juice.  You'll reek.  But whenever I've done this before sleeping, or every three hours, I usually kicked whatever was ailing me.  Alex usually asks for this when he's sick, and he improves pretty fast as well.

Both the oregano and garlic have antibiotic properties, which is rad.

Soup or bone broth

Bone broths are amazing.  They are loaded with calcium, and the gelatin which helps your body use protein in the best way possible.  You can chuck vegetables in, as cooked vegetables nourish the body.  Add all the garlic and herbs too.  They're what everyone needs while healing.  I usually follow the recipes from The Weston A. Price Foundation.  Included are recipes for chicken, beef, and fish broths.

Salt water

I'm sure you hear of gargling with salt water, and I do know it helps, though I don't remember why.  I typically mix about a tablespoon of sea salt with about 10 oz of warm water, then gargle and spit, gargle and spit. It helps, even if it's only reducing inflammation and allows the throat to relax.


My mom would make us take a tablespoon of Really Raw Honey, and my mother-in-law has given me manuka honey to swallow.  Totally helpful.


Apparently it has amazing antibiotic properties, or at least antibacterial.  My mom gave me a dropper version last year....I should use it more.  I haven't done research on this, but I've heard of people gargling with this, and the salt water, and they've had great results.

My sister's suggestions

Ricolas - of course, as these are great, especially when you need to power through

Vitamin C - in every and any form

Throat Coat Tea - we grew up drinking this stuff (okay it's a little better than "stuff"), and totally soothing.  I think it's because of the Slippery Elm, which coats the throat...duh haha.

[I'm going to add the Gypsy Cold Care Tea too.  Both teas are caffeine free, so you can drink them before bed!]

Hot toddy (my version at least...)

1-2 shots of bourbon, or whiskey

Juice of one lemon

Honey to taste

Hot water

Black or green tea bag (optional)

Steep the tea, add the lemon juice, honey, and whiskey.  The alcohol will help you to relax, and the lemon and honey will sooth the throat.  The green tea is full of antioxidants, so that should help, right?  ;)

Basically, if you're feeling sick, but don't want to be a total party pooper, ask for a Hot Toddy and say:



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