6 Things to Relax a Preggo

disclaimer: I am not pregnant again...that I know of at least.  Also, I only earn moola from this post if you buy oils through me or the products through the Amazon links.  I've been meaning to write this post for awhile, and now that I am (as of last week) selling doTERRA oils, I thought this would be the perfect time.  OH!  I'm not a doctor.  And I am a first time mother, so who knows if I'll sing a different tune once I have more children. 

As a new mom, which means recently preggo mom, I have been wanting to compile a list of relaxing things that a baby-growing woman can do for herself, and that people can do for her as a treat.  So let's start off with a boozy goodie.

a glass of wine 

disclaimer: I have no intention of being insensitive to those born with fetal alcohol syndrome.  My heart goes out to them, and their families.

Some women choose not to drink at all while pregnant.  Some do.  To each their own, and their own research and what they feel comfortable with.  As a rule of life, DON'T BE STUPID.  In reality, or maybe just my opinion, a glass of wine isn't going to hurt the baby, or you for that matter.  Frankly, I think stress can do more damage, I've seen what it does to my clients, and it just not worth it.  lol.

Think about those women who don't find out they're pregnant for like a couple of months and have been having drinks and such the whole time!  Just because they find out they're pregnant doesn't mean that alcohol is going to have DRASTIC effects at 10 weeks than it did at 4 weeks. [to be completely honest.....I have one margarita too many, and one glass of sangria too many the week before we found out little BB existed....he's as healthy as a horse]

There were a number of days I would come home stressed and drained for whatever reason (maybe just pregnancy?) and Alex would pour me a glass of wine because he said stress was bad for baby.  I usually had probably two or three sips before I gave the rest to him because I felt more relaxed.  He's a smart man.

FYI: I really hate disclaimers.  If something isn't for you, don't feel obliged to read or do it.  I put them there because I don't want someone to be triggered into anxiety or such...another post for another time.

a cup of tea

In my book, tea is almost always a good thing.  Unless it's essiac tea.  That stuff REEKS like my brothers' football cleats after practice.  Apparently it's good for you.  I've had it once as part of a cleanse, and the fact that it's so gross can cleanse you out immediately with just one whiff...anyways...

Good preggo teas are the raspberry leaf tea (apparently it helps with cervical ripening...I don't know if it did or not, but I felt cool drinking it just in case it was doing anything to help the cause), and the Earth Mama Angel Baby mama-to-be tea. Hubs gave me the Relax and Unwind Sampler by Teavana for Christmas, and I LOVE it.  I have a little bit left, and have one of those clear glass tea pots with the strainer so it makes it so fun. (see top pic)

Warm liquids help almost everyone relax.  One sits, breathes in the steam, sighs, and takes a sip.  Seriously a great way to start the day, or end the evening.  You're "forced" to pause for a bit to drink it, and maybe that's just the moment of silence one needs in a busy day.


Okay, probably the best thing.  Feeling crampy?  Take a bath (drink lots of water first).  Tired and sore?  Take a bath.  Emotional?  Take a bath.  Baby is kicking like crazy and you just want he/she to snooze?  Take a bath.  You get the picture.

There are so many fabulous things to add to a bath.  Candles, tea, a book or music, epsom salt, essential oils.  You can use hot water, but not to the point where you'll get overheated.  That's no bueno and the reason why it's not good is because your blood pressure goes up and there's no need for that while pregnant.

For an epsom salt bath, I usually add two cups of salt, sometimes a cup of baking soda for pH reasons, I actually don't remember why, but I've heard it's good...probably should find some concrete evidence at some point.  If you know, let me know haha.

For an essential oils bath, I usually added my three special pregnancy oils which are in the next section!  About 4-6 of each to a bath, and I would get out feeling wonderful.  Sometimes drugged.  But I slept well afterwards so it was worth it haha.

essential oils

These helped me.  SO MUCH.  I had some bouts of anxiety, nights of insomnia, stress, and whatever else can come with being pregnant.  I'd put a few drops of each on my neck, or low back, or feet.  Sometimes I would mix with coconut oil to rub all over.

From what I know, three of the safest oils to use while with child are Lavender, Ylang ylang, and Geranium, and I call them the Preggo Three.  Lavender is a jack of all trades, and is used to decrease stress and bring on relaxation.  Ylang ylang (hahaha) is what some people use for a very particular reason as it's an aphrodisiac, BUT it's so relaxing.  It's also a mood booster (I wonder why) [insert laughing crying eyes emoji].  Geranium is also calming, and apparently it's great for skin and hair.  Which is probably another reason (in addition to being pregnant) that my skin and hair felt great.  Sometimes I would add Bergamot as it is in many blends that help promote a joyful attitude.  It also just smells good.

Ylang ylang and geranium have SUPER flowerly scents.  Alex could. not. stand. them.  But he tolerated them for my sake.  The Preggo Three saved me and my mood so many times, and if I was getting particularly anxious, he'd hand them to me as they would almost instantly take the edge of my anxiousness.  I diffused the Three while in labor and they brought a sense of home and relaxation to the room.  When my midwife walked in the room, she took a step back and said, "Whoa!  That's potent.  And flowery."  But she told me she was glad for my sake that I liked them.  I really can't stand them together now, probably because my body doesn't need them at this time though.


This is totally a given.  I slept so much in the first trimester.  My poor husband had to pack everything up when we moved to Tulsa, I couldn't do squat.  All I craved were sweet potatoes, avocados, eggs, and butter, haha, all perfect for growing a baby.  I ate saltines and granola bars every couple of hours and had La Croix or water on hand because I was completely nauseous otherwise.  I feel awful for those with HG, and I couldn't imagine having it...y'all are my heroes!

Anyways.  Allowing myself to nap was wonderful.  I mean growing a human is no easy task, and children grow when they sleep, so it only makes sense that momma has to sleep too.  If you've got kiddos, this might not ever happen, from what I hear, but for anyone else, go help a momma out!  Either make a meal while she's sleeping, take her kiddos out of the house, just give her a chance to sleep!  (I'm looking at you, grandparents, aunts and uncles. ;) )

body work - massage and chiropractic adjustments and myofascial release

OF COURSE this had to make it on to this list.  Go get one of these, or a lot, maybe once, maybe often.  I attribute my fairly easy labor and delivery (story to come later) to all three of these things.  As a massage therapist, I knew I needed to take my own advice, and get regular body work.  Not everyone can afford it, insurance may not cover it, one may not have the babysitters available, but a non-pregnant party can gift one to a pregnant mom!

I couldn't stand being touched in the first trimester, unless I could mentally prepare for it ahead of time.  (ha)  Getting a massage helped to calm my nerves down.  Keeping your body in check helps it prepare for the work of pushing a mini human out of yourself.  So if you can budget for it, or if someone gifts to you, take advantage of it.  That fifteen minutes to an hour of body work will also help you physically decompress.  Totally rad!

other suggestions

A mom in my due date FB group suggested swimming, as it takes the pressure off the hips and back.

Another suggested Netflix and chill.  hahaha!

Oh, and another from me: don't move more than once while pregnant.  Just don't.

I realized this is super long, so let's summarize:

1: a glass of wine

2: a cup of tea

3: baths

4: essential oils

5: naps

6: body work - massages, adjustments, and myofascial release

These are things that can help a pregnant momma relax.  They are things you can do with, for, or with her.  Best of luck to you pregnant moms reading this!  And many congratulations, as you have the greatest job in the world: the growing and nurturing of a soul.

Here (this link right here) is where you can purchase essential oils; wholesale gives you the best price which you get if you join and save, and purchase a $35 enrollment kit, then include the numbers for the oils of your choice.  Thanks for your support!

about one week before baby made his appearance!

OH!  And here is my accidental cold brew recipe as promised in my Instagram post:

1: Have husband make a pot of French pressed coffee in the morning.

2: Forget about it until evening.

3: Put in a mason jar and shove to the back of the fridge.

4: Remember about it a few days later.

5: Add maple syrup or sugar, vanilla, and a dash of milk, cream, or almond milk.

6: Pour into a beer glass.

7: Enjoy.