In which I talk about TJ's and Costco

Prior to moving to Tulsa, well actually prior to the final law school decision, I did make one decision, and that was research the nearest and dearest Trader Joe's and Costco.  Tulsa was the one place that did not have both...yet.  I squealed, and Alex cringed, when I discovered that while the city did not have both stores YET, it would host these great establishments by the end of 2015. YEAAAAYYYYYY.  yay me.  (insert party emojis)


For those wondering, Trader Joe's is opening up in Brookside on Peoria, and Costco at 103rd and Memorial.

I have grown up going to both stores, seeing Kirkland and Trader Joe's in both the fridge and pantry.  Alex on the other hand, not so much (Woodman's and Sam's Club).  My love for them transcends familiarity.  You have one choice of mayonnaise to choose from, one choice of cream cheese, one choice of vanilla ice cream, and so on and so forth.  I am less stressed and overwhelmed, needless to say.  When we got married, we opened a Costco account for the sake of buying our mattress, which we LOVE.  I mean compared to the floor and my dislike for air mattresses, it's a dream.  But it really is.

Alex did not quite understand my love of these stores, which is totally fine.  I mean yes, some things are TJ's may be a little overrated (no it's not), and just because it is a specialty store does not mean that the produce DOES come from somewhere special (realistically, where is Monrovia, CA getting the produce from...right?!).  My thing is, most of their foods have simple ingredients, which is awesome!  Yes, I will eat those chocolate covered almonds and just a handful more, but the ingredient list is small, so I know and understand what I am eating.  Knowledge is power, you guys.

Now his thing about Costco, which I do agree with mostly, is that many of the products are most likely just rebranded "Kirkland" but essentially the same product as a Sam's Club product coming from the same source.  Okay probably.  But, Costco does have many, many more natural and organic items.  I don't necessarily buy natural or organic all the time, but if I want Udi's GF bread, or a sprouted wheat, even organic brown eggs and meat, you've got it at Costco.  Now let me say this, I have not been to Sam's Club in a few years, so I do not know what they have to offer now.  I DO know what Costco has to offer.  Like the BEST pumpkin pies you will ever have.  And samples at lunch time.

All in all, I just may love TJ's and Costco for familiarity's sake.  And I am not ashamed to admit it.  Over the past couple of months, Alex will mention what he misses from one of these stores, and I noticed that I have been doing the same.  So in lieu of that, below is a list of what we are so excited to purchase when these stores have their grand openings!

What will fill our fridge and pantry by the end of the year (hopefully)

Trader Joe's

Habanero Hot Sauce  - both of us are desperate for the burning sensation this provides; tacos are elevated from great to "heavenly"

21 Seasoning Salute  - we sprinkle this on eggs, in a chip dip, over meat, in a salad dressing...we've been out since the week we moved to Tulsa so there has been less flavor in our lives

Pumpkin Butter - THIS GUY RIGHT HERE.  Over waffles, on toasts, in yogurt...

Unsweetened Almond Milk - depending on the day (honestly) "regular" milk has a tendency to tie my stomach in knots, so if raw/low homogenized milk isn't an affordable or easy option at the time, this is a decent replacement

ANYTHING PUMPKIN - okay seriously I hope they're still carrying pumpkin stuff when they open, even if they're in peppermint season

Any of the lettuce mixes - they cost like what, $2?  They're the perfect size for us

Any of the chicken sausages, but the sweet apple in particular

Any floral bouquet - something gorgeous for under $10 = table decor winner

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The plastic container of mixed olives - I love the red ones, he loves the green ones

Big bags of chips, be it tortilla or potato

Chicken - because it just tastes good...and isn't fatty or grody at all

Pumpkin pie - honestly just as good as any homemade, to DIE for

Kirkland vanilla ice cream - perfectly dreamy! And heavy to carry (lol), simple ingredients too!

Diapers - yes...diapers.  this is crazy town.

26 Life-Changing Things You Need To Know About Costco

Pretty slim lists, but items we cannot wait for the most.  Well folks, that's about all for today!

note - this post is not sponsored or an ad, just proclaiming and spreading the love. enjoy responsibly.