nice tan legs - product review

So last month I was chosen to be a tester for the Influenster campaign, Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs VoxBox.  I've always been meh about trying any sort of colored, makeup like lotiony thingy, so I procrastinated on actually using the actual product.

First thought upon first squirt:

"Heyyyyyy this is the perfect color!  And it's not thick or goopy like I had always imagined it would be."

First thought upon first applying:

"owOW! this darn look good on my fine legs."

First thought upon finishing application:

"Well now that was easy.  And no streaks.  OH WAIT one on my calf.  But lemme use some coconut oil...okay better now."

First thought upon looking in the mirror:

"Not too shabby.  Now off to training for work.  With tan legs."

scarf: Gap

skirt: Gap 

shoes: Sperry's via eBay

rug: Ikea 



Thank you to Influenster and Sally Hansen for making these thoughts possible.  For without you, my opinion on tinted lotion/leg makeup would not have changed.  I mean heck......any social events coming up that I could rock the tan-legged-look for?  Oh wait, maybe just laundry, work, cooking, and baby growing for now.

peace out.

disclaimer: I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

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