Gooood morning.  Today (in my opinion) is a good day to talk about coffee.  And to write a first post.  The temp was, and maybe still is, 57 degrees when I awoke.  So, appropriate warm drink weather.  Alex used to hate the idea of coffee shops with.a.passion. Why he hated coffee shops

hipster (he hates anything hipster, and coffee shops = hipster)


what's the point


That bothered me to no end, because coffee shops mean a lot to me, if a place can mean something so deeply.

What I do in coffee shops




quietly catch-up with friends

attempt to discuss the world from a psychological and theological perspective

focus like no other can

My description of coffee shops 

usually cozy

always smell good

a bubble to escape from the rest of the world

good music

Okay.  So one of our friends (SL) loves coffee shops.  SL loves urban planning, knowing everything there is to know about a particular place (he has a history degree) and whiskey.  In an off moment one day about two or three months into marriage, Alex agreed to go to a coffee shop.  About an hour before our departure to this coffee shop, he realized he had agreed to go and decided it was a bad idea.  This was to be our very first time going to a coffee shop together.  Ever.  We were going to read and stay warm as it was freezing outside.  Well, after an unnecessary argument, we decided to invite SL.  SL was the perfect companion.  We ended up at The Crooked Tree, grabbed a cup o' Joe, and decided that now we were warm, it was high time for a walk.  So we walked for about two hours around downtown Dallas and had a great time.  Alex enjoyed it.  And thus his conversion began.

(i don't remember what coffee i ordered, but it was black, because, well, Whole30, and it was delicious)

Now living in Tulsa, we have gone to three coffee shops so far.  Alex wants to find some more.  hehe or maybe i just want to.

Coffee House on Cherry Street

chose this place because we needed breakfast and caffeine 

We went a early Saturday morning around 8 am, and it was packed.  We ordered breakfast since we had just finished the four hour drive from Dallas that same morning, and we were starving and did not want anymore trail mix most likely.  I decided to be simple and ordered a breakfast sandwich which consisted of a croissant, bacon, tomato, lettuce, eggs, and cheese.  It was exactly what I was wanting.  I ordered a mug of Jasmine Roobios tea which was flowery and wonderful.  But I always feel that way about jasmine and roobios.  I don't remember what he ordered, but he did like his coffee.

His opinion: didn't care for the environment or the crowd there.

My opinion: loved it and didn't mind the crowd there.

Next time - try one of their many baked goods in the glass display case, and sit outside by the fire.

Shades of Brown

this came recommended to me by a  friend as her favorite coffee shop in Tulsa

Alex keeps calling this place "shades of gray," then he laughs and doesn't feel any reason to correct himself.  He was working on law school stuff there while I was in a job interview, so he had a better grasp of the place than I.  I just showed up afterwards and had a chai tea latte (usually my standard go-to).  He had snagged a good spot at the bar area, and I do remember liking their bar stools.  And the chai tea latte was awesome.  It was the perfect spice to everything ratio.  Some places just cannot get it balanced.  Alex loved his iced coffee.  He was a barista for four years, so he never says a coffee drink is good, unless it really is.

His opinion: liked the coffee, didn't like the furniture.

My opinion: COUCHES AND COZY CHAIRS!!! me likely.

Next time - get a coffee and stay awhile.


chose this because it is located next to The Mayo Hotel

Alex needed to study, and I just needed to read somewhere that wasn't at home because distractions.  I left my phone in the car, and our Sunday afternoon was most pleasant.  We both loved the atmosphere right when we walked in, which does not always happen.  He ordered a large black coffee, and I ordered a chai tea latte with almond milk (because dairy and I have not been the best of friends, unfortunately. thanks baby lems)  He (and I!) liked the coffee, and my latte wasn't that great, but I think it was because of the almond milk.  Some places do it very well with almond milk, others it's so-so.  The best thing?  The giant iced cinnamon roll.  Only $2.75 and we split it.  Their sister company, Heirloom Baking Co., bakes most of Topeca's baked goods, and the others are made in house.  We both agreed.  Like INcredible.

His opinion: clean, pretentious in just the right way, he liked it

My opinion: loveddd it.

Next time - order a chai tea latte with cow milk and another cinnamon roll.  and maybe one of their sandwiches.

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