Frozen and true love [spoiler alert]

edit on 10/16/2016: I do have different thoughts on 'Frozen', but this message still rings true. Go see 'Frozen' as soon as you can get your backside over to the nearest theatre.

[Warning: spoiler alert below]

The soundtrack is amazing. Idina Menzel just makes you want to melt in "Let It Go." Haha it reminded me of "Defying Gravity" from 'Wicked'. [she actually played Elphaba, which means that was "her" song haha] And the choral pieces: heavenly yet haunting. The sisters' duets gave me the shivers, and it felt very Broadway. Haha on the flip side, Olaf's song cracks me up to no end. 

The animation was stellar. Especially Elsa's ice castle. I imagine seeing the movie in 3D would be worth it. And the costumes. And the town. I. Want.

The plot. AHH. The Snow Queen has always been my favorite fairy tale, and Disney gave the story it's own personality, while giving credit to the original fairy tale. I was honestly really impressed. For example, in the story the heroine meets a group of gypsies who try to get her together with a dude. Well I think it's safe to say that the trolls were the gypsies' equivalent.

And the message of the movie. True love IS sacrifice. Rock on, Disney. Right when Anna runs to cover Elsa to protect her from Hans, she looks at Kristoff (who loves her) and he gives this look of knowing, love, and acceptance because he knows she is about to become frozen.  Anna turns to ice right as she covers Elsa. My heart skipped a beat, for Anna's "curse" of a frozen heart could only be undone by an act of true love. 

True love is not confined to a relationship outside of ones family. It really starts within ones family. It is so difficult at times to choose to unconditionally love those who know what pushes our buttons, our faults and weaknesses, and who we've lived with for the first part of our lives. If we cannot learn to choose to love our siblings and parents in the good times and in bad, then how will we know and be able to choose to love our spouse, friends, and/or significant other unconditionally if we haven't practiced within the confines of our home? 

Just please go see the movie. I'll probably be writing another post on another aspect of it soon, so stay tuned. And Happy Feast of St Lucy! Pray for your eyes to be opened and true.