Wanting the right thing and flossing

He felt sure this must be the king's chamber, and it was here he was wanted; for if it was not the place he was bound for, something would meet him and turn him aside; for he had come to think that so long as a man wants to do right he may go where he can: when he can go no farther, then it is not the way. "Only," said his father, in assenting to the theory, "he must really want to do right, and not merely fancy he does. He must want it with his heart and will, and not with his rag of a tongue."

-George MacDonald, The Princess and Curdie

*oh, flossing is an excellent idea too for a few reasons:

1) your teeth don't look like pukey and scummy anymore

2) it's necessary for gum health

3) for the cavity prone, it prevents some cavities

3.5) it also prevent leftovers from being stored in your mouth.

4) there are different flavors of floss

5) and last but not least, pearly whites do exist, but only when they're clean pearly whites. Or else they're dirty and disgusting and people are going to make awkward eye contact with you because they don't want to look at your teeth.