#wcw, #mcm, and bodies

So I kind of feel uncomfortable why guys post pictures of girls for Woman Crush Wednesday (#wcw) and when girls post pictures of guys for Man Crush Monday (#mcm). It's kind of degrading, I think, to the subject of the picture. Here are my reasons why:

1: It focuses on the looks of the person rather than the person as a person.

2: It leads others to potentially think that you're superficial...in a way. I mean that's how I perceive it at times; either way it confusing about you and your intentions.

3: Abs don't make a man a man and nice legs don't make a girl a girl.

4: What would your future spouse think?

5: It gives the impression that the physical appearance is what does and will matter the most to you in the long run.

I am not saying these hold true for everyone, only to keep in mind why you are really wanting to post that picture. We, as created in the image of God, need to remember that we are meant to be pleasing to the eye, as our bodies are gifts given to us by God. We are not meant to be eye candy for the taking.

Wrap your gift up in beautiful, handsome, and tasteful wrappings, and it should be saved and set aside so that it can be given whole and unwrapped to your future spouse. Gifts are most special when we know they have not been regifted. A gift may be given before its time, but with true contrition and proper amends, it may be made as new again.