Those days

So you know those days when you're not asked that one thing you've been wanting to hear all day? Be it "good job," or "How are you?" or "I love you," or "How was your day?" or "Here, let me help you." Those are the days The Lord gives us an opportunity to learn. To learn what to say to others, even when we don't feel like it, are tired and just want to be babied and listened to, or just plain old forget. Saying one of these things can make a person's day. It shows the other that even though you're not up to it, you still love them, want to know how they're doing, and that you're there to help in one way or another.

I think of St. John Bosco. With his mother's help he ran a home for boys who had been living on the streets. What great patience he must have had to deal with the troubles and mishaps, and the ups and downs of his pseudo children. He welcomed them in, calling them to their new home. With grace and patience and humility. I could imagine him sitting down to talk to a boy after a difficult day of teaching and disciplining, constantly there and present for the boys.

If we can too imitate his example of love and compassion, we too will be saints. We will please The Lord above all if we place others above ourselves.