Ash Wednesday

"For parents: Vast regions of the world are spiritual deserts." The opening line of the Mother Teresa meditation for the day (from my handy dandy Mother Teresa meditation book). It struck me at first, and I was confused, enlightened, then saddened. Much of this world does in fact seem spiritually dry. People try to get by with the minimum, (as if doing the minimum ever helped any athlete), or they try to ignore the presence of God, either in the Eucharist or completely. If you walk around places and travel, you'll find that in many places there seems to be a negative sort of energy being generated by the people in that particular place...that screams desert, to me anyways. I feel like I stick out like a sore thumb, and especially when I've got my ash on....anyways....back on track... Mama T continues, almost blaming these deserts on parents who abandon their children, figuratively, but also literally. Broken relationships, she says, rock these children to their core, and alter them forever. "They are unable to place their confidence in God, to believe, since they have not found confidence in those to whom life had entrusted them." It's sad, isn't it? And kind of jarring, in both the bold way she says it and the truth in that statement. "The consequences are skepticism and discouragement. What's the use of living? Does life still have any meaning?" Wowzers. I have definitely heard these words, or at least the similar ponderings and sentiments, from people who's family life took a nose dive for the worse and never seemed to turn around. I am blessed with beautiful family life, but that isn't to say that I haven't asked those same questions, though only in a rhetorical manner.

Ok so after I read her profound words, I said a prayer, I opened my Bible and stumbled upon Wisdom 10, a chapter which I don't remember reading before:

"1 She preserved the first-formed father of the world when he alone had been created and she raised him up from his fall." God knows how to handle transitions better than any liberal arts school literature professor does. After reading what Mother Teresa had to say, then flipping open God's love letter and reading this, I was amazed. Not at God alone, but that He truly is taking care of us, EVEN when we don't deserve it or know it. He, using Wisdom, raises us up, not from a fall, but upward towards Heaven and The Lord, towards goals, towards uplifting music, towards beauty, towards Love Himself. He wants us to place our confidence, no matter how unwavering or wary, onto His heart! Phenomenal.

"9 But Wisdom delivered from tribulation those who served her."

This Lent, get out of the hole, rut, sewer, (or whatever you want to call your bad place) and turn your sights on Him. Like Plato's analogy of the cave, unchain yourselves from the pits of loneliness and despair, sadness and discouragement, and begin your ascent to Heavenly glory.