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About me

Hi!  Thank you for coming on over to The Lemke Lodge.  Before telling you about what's here on the site, I'd like to share some things about myself.  I am married to Alexander, and together we have a toddler named Thomas and a second baby due to arrive in mid-2018.  We are both the eldest of large families, but he is a law student, and I am a licensed massage therapist with certifications in both prenatal massage and pediatric massage.  Along with being a wife and mama, I am a book lover, wannabe chef, and master-in-training of all things DIY.  According to Myers Briggs, I am an INFJ, meaning I like to be around people at times, but usually I really love being at home, or with those who I consider to find home in.  I love to write, partly as a form of therapy, and partly because I find focus through it.  I really care about people, that is my purpose in life, to be a "helper of mankind" as is the meaning of my name.  That is why I created my shop: to make things to help you, whether practically, or merely to add joy to your life.



About the Blog

The Lemke Lodge has been in the works for many years, if not on the internet then in thought and on paper.  Started by myself, it is here that I want to create a space that combines my interests, writings about our family's lifestyle, and the joy of creating things.  It’s within the setting of a lodge that one can take a step back, observe what’s happening on the outside, and cuddle up with a good book, big blanket, and a well mixed drink.  A lodge is a space to rejuvenate so that you can return to the trials and joys of life.  Good, thoughtful conversations are to be had here, as well as lots of laughter.
It’s within our home that both my husband Alexander and I try to create this environment for our children.  Not only do we hope for the home to be similar to a lodge – a place of comfort and rejuvenation for our family and for others – but also a place where the changes needed in society are cultivated and encouraged. We reach others through listening, loving, and discipline, and we cannot expect
change to come about in the world if we don’t foster a space where our own family can come together to pray, converse, and learn from each other amidst a heap of toys, books, and a mug of something hot.  

My goal for my writings and musings here is that millennial Catholics can find their online lodge here, especially those who are trying to (and already do!) fully embrace the truth, beauty, and goodness of the Catholic Faith.  I welcome any reader here with open arms, and hope that you too know that there is room for you at the Lemke Lodge.   

About the Shop

Through my shop, I want to provide little bits of beauty, as well as home goods, made for you lovingly (and joyfully!) by yours truly.  My shop currently offers four styles of bibs, and a few essential oil blends made by me, with more products in the works.

Greatly bothered by the patterns, materials, and bib styles out there on the market, I drew my inspiration for these bibs from two bibs in particular. One is a full coverage toddler bib that has been in my family since I was a child, and is now used for the grandchildren. The other is a large bib made by my husband's grandmother out of a hand towel and some crochet work. Both of these bibs cover the child's chest and part of the lap, leaving one less mess to clean up, so from there I prepared my designs.  

My bibs are purposeful, and easy to take care of, providing you with one less mess to worry about. They are low maintenance, and can be washed anywhere as they are made of preshrunk cotton material, snaps, ribbons, and terry cloth. 

I love thrift shopping and repurposing things, and most of the Limited Edition Patterns you will see might come from cleaned and gently used clothing.  If you see it in the Shop, snatch it then because there’s no guarantee I will be able to find the same pattern again!